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Item Onboarding

Item Onboarding is the inception of the entire supply chain, a process that impacts every aspect downstream, including, and perhaps most importantly, the customer experience. With Simplista, item onboarding becomes what it ought to be—virtually automatic; something that operates perfectly in the background, that retailers no longer need to resource so heavily. A modern onboarding solution running seamlessly allows retailers to focus on gaining competitive advantage.  Suppliers love Simplista, as they no longer experience item onboarding as a ‘black hole’, but a transparent process that unfolds efficiently and rapidly; within hours, instead of weeks or months.

Item Change

Given the volume of item changes a retailer needs to process on a daily basis, Simplista comes with pre-built functions to manage hundreds of changes en masse with ease.  Necessary maintenance no longer disrupts the supply chain; rather, they are seamlessly executed in real time, and the item master is automatically updated.  Worry-free item changes are the future.

Data Quality Health Check

When you onboard or change an item in Simplista, you can rest assured that the data leaving our platform is accurate. However, you may have unhealthy data residing in your ERP. Simplista allows you to run this data through our rules engine, providing a comprehensive Health Check that corrects items with ease.

Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration allows for the administration of new vendor user access to Simplista, automating and monitoring an end-to-end vendor user onboarding process while ensuring proper approval and security authentication. 

Analytics & Reporting

Simplista delivers real-time dashboards and reporting that is configurable to your specific needs.  It provides valuable insights into data requests, giving you the visibility to know when to escalate, manage volume and view trends.

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