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How It Works

Discover how Simplista transforms retail operations

At Simplista, we’re revolutionizing item onboarding in retail with our end-to-end solution. Our automated system streamlines the process, saving time and resources for both retailers and suppliers. Say goodbye to resource-intensive, time-consuming onboarding. With Simplista, you’ll experience seamless operations, weeks of saved sales, and flawless item records. Embrace the future of retail with us.

how it works

How Simplista Improves Retail Operations

At Simplista, we’re dedicated to solving four critical problems that often lead to delays in the supply chain:

Item Ingestion

Picture technology that effortlessly ingests item data from various sources, intelligently identifying the most complete and current attributes available. Real-time validation ensures data accuracy, protecting your internal systems and maintaining the integrity of your item file.

Item Enrichment

The right technology automatically marries item details with the ‘who, when, where, and how’ within your ecosystem. It categorizes items instantly based on core attributes, with all other necessary details automatically pulled from your data taxonomy. Automation is the name of the game.

Item Syndication

Forget the days of time-consuming data transfers. Our APIs connect machines seamlessly, ensuring real-time updates to your item master file. Your existing systems remain the record-keeper, with no interruptions or rejections.

Item Changes

Managing daily item changes becomes effortless with pre-built functions that handle hundreds of modifications in real-time. No more disruptions to your supply chain.

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Embrace the future of retail with us, where item onboarding is no longer a bottleneck but a competitive advantage. Discover how Simplista can revolutionize your item onboarding process today.